Bring Back Summer

So the warmer weather is slowly disappearing and we only have a few chances in the day to sit under our favourite Billy Fresh Outdoor Umbrella. In today’s blog I thought I would bring back a little piece of summer and showcase our favourite outdoor, summer loving, sun struck photos…

Billy Fresh Top 5 Vintage Shots

Billy Fresh are such a fan of funky, vintage and stylish shots, especially those that showcase absolutely beautiful umbrellas! Our Instagram is filled with heaps of funky photos, but today we thought we’d share our Top 5 all-time favourite vintage shots so far.

Billy Fresh Supporting Good Friday Appeal

"BillyBilly Fresh are giving back to the Community today by offering our customers the opportunity to support the Good Friday Appeal, we'll donate $30 to The Royal Melbourne Childrens Hospital for ever one of these funky outdoor entertainment umbrellas sold.

A World With Billy Fresh

Imagine walking down the street and instead of the drab brown and tattered café umbrellas, you see the bright splashes of colour from the
Billy Fresh Signature. Or picture yourself walking out to the patio and taking shade under the yellow and white of your Billy Fresh Sunny Marbella.

Which Billy Fresh Umbrella is right for me?

square umbrellaSize and shape of Billy Fresh umbrellas do differ; the two by two is square while the three metre is round. The shape factor may come into play particularly if your outdoor space is limited, therefore it is important to consider the outdoor space available.