Billy Fresh Outdoor Umbrella Sunny MarbellaImagine walking down the street and instead of the drab brown and tattered café umbrellas, you see the bright splashes of colour from the Billy Fresh Signature. Or picture yourself walking out to the patio and taking shade under the yellow and white of your Billy Fresh Sunny Marbella. Or can you just imagine how impressed your guests will be when you dine them under the ever so stylish Billy Fresh St. Tropez Blue

Suddenly the good times roll, the vibes pick up and all is well in the world. The Billy Fresh Umbrella is not just functionally sound with its beautiful design and high quality materials, but it also represents a lifestyle of colour, shade and good times.

As Cris, Director of Billy Fresh states, Billy would be ‘an uber stylish, cool dude who could make a mean martini, has a 6 pack but eats what he likes and everyone loves him.’ This is the Billy Fresh lifestyle; you can have your cake and eat it in style too. Get the best of both worlds with Billy Fresh Umbrellas.


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