So the warmer weather is slowly disappearing and we only have a few chances in the day to sit under our favourite Billy Fresh Outdoor Umbrella. In today’s blog I thought I would bring back a little piece of summer and showcase our favourite outdoor, summer loving, sun struck photos…


One of my favourite Sunny Marbella shots. If I could go anywhere in the world right now, I think I take my pick on that sun bed, in the warmth of the sun, under the shade of the striped Billy Fresh umbrella.







This vintage beach shot is our next pick, its simply divine with the combination of the lovely ladies, the couple by the water, the boats, the mountain background and the even lovelier beach umbrella. Summer is oozing out of this photo.








Our third favourite summer photo is of course a Slim Aarons shot showcasing 3 beautiful outdoor, poolside umbrellas. Think I might take the first time machine back and join them…








Next is another beach shot of some ladies in classic, striped fashion, which complements the perfectly striped umbrella. With the sands between their toes and the warm breeze in the air, this beach shot is definitely a summer shot to remember.









Lastly I will once again bring back our sunniest umbrella we have, the Sunny Marbella, peeking through the green bushes, just waiting to be found, the Sunny Marbella is a true representation of summer.






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