Billy Fresh Outdoor Umbrellas | About Us

Beautiful Umbrellas have traditionally been priced for a select few with money. Billy Fresh is an online company and wholesale network retailing great quality and exciting outdoor umbrellas at a very affordable price.

Billy Fresh Signature 3m Outdoor Umbrella

Canvases with linear stripes in a variety of exciting, bold colours and in two sizes – 2 m x 2 m and the large 3m x 3m – will become a staple in Australian gardens.

We saw a gap in the market; there were super-expensive colourful garden umbrellas and at the other end of the market the cheap, dull, poorly made patio umbrellas. From this the Billy Fresh journey began. We designed what we wanted and sourced the best quality canvas and ethically grown wood. We are really proud of the end result and look forward to making our shade umbrellas available to lots of people,

Who is Billy Fresh?

When we were brainstorming the name of the company I said imagine an uber stylish, cool dude who could make a mean martini, has a 6 pack but eats what he likes and everyone loves him…... what would his name be? Billy Fresh, of course.

Billy Fresh - a unique, fresh, fun, stylish outdoor umbrella range.

Billy Fresh has travelled to every corner of the globe experiencing art, colour and diverse cultural lifestyles. Bored of his day to day corporate gig, choose to embark on a new adventure.

Billy Fresh Sunny Marbella 2m Outdoor Umbrella

He has a keen eye for colour and form and an appreciation for outdoor lifestyles. Billy is bringing great quality outdoor umbrellas to the Australian market.

At Billy Fresh we have one goal in mind, bring to the Australian market great outdoor umbrellas, splashed with vibrant colours, patterns and unique artistic designs.

Working with home-grown artists looking to make their mark as well as Australian and International manufacturers, our range of aesthetic umbrellas are sure to add life and protection to your outdoor area.

We take pride in ensuring that our products are functional, deliver on quality and remain affordable. All of our products are subject to a final quality inspection check prior to dispatch to the customer.

Our dream is to have people enjoy Billy Fresh umbrellas when entertaining and in private. We will bring the groove back to outdoor umbrellas.