Size and shape of Billy Fresh umbrellas do differ; the two by two is square while the three metre is round. The shape factor may come into play particularly if your outdoor space is limited, therefore it is important to consider the outdoor space available.

A perfect example of this is a verandah patio with little or no shade. Although the larger umbrella would provide you with more shade, the 2x2m may actually be better suited to this outdoor area. Why? Think of it in the following way; the verandah patio is generally square or rectangular, keeping the umbrella to the same shape only smaller will allow greater clearance form possible walls or structures creating a more practical outdoor entertaining area. This is not to say that the larger Billy Fresh umbrella is the wrong choice as everyone's outdoor lifestyle will be different, It is just an example of what to consider when making a choice.

If you have a large area then it’s a matter of personal preference in conjunction with lifestyle. If you’re a bachelor or bachelorette with a groovy pad you may also wish to incorporate both outdoor umbrellas, the colorful stripes and contrasting shapes will give your outdoor entertaining area a vibrant chic look.

All you need to do now is pick your stripes.

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