The warranty listed here is in addition to that offered by the Competition and Consumer Act under Australian law and will only apply to the original purchaser of the goods supplied.

A one year warranty is offered by Billy Fresh on all of our products; umbrella warranty covers the pole/framing, components and polyester canopy. This warranty covers manufacturing defects only. Products used in a commercial environment are covered by a 3 month warranty only. 

Billy Fresh reserves the right to alter or add to these obligations without prior contentment or notification; no other authorised re-seller or person has the authority to alter this warranty without prior written consent from Billy Fresh. Defects arising from products purchased at authorised Billy Fresh re-sellers will need to be claimed at the store of purchase.

Billy Fresh reserves the right to asses any warranty claim with respect to product quality and or failure. Where appropriate, the liability of Billy Fresh for a warranty claim is limited to the repair or replacement of the goods as determined by Billy Fresh. No product will be accepted by Billy Fresh unless prior authorisation in writing had been given. The end customer is liable for costs associated with any repair performed by Billy Fresh falling outside the listed warranty. Freight to and from Billy Fresh regardless of whether or not the product is under warranty will fall under the responsibility of the customer.

This warranty does not cover fair wear and tear, damage caused by weather conditions (hail, storms, and wind), misuse or negligent care resulting in discolouration of fabric, unauthorised repair or any other accidents (fire). Fabric discolouration over time is considered to be fair wear and tear and is therefore not covered under this warranty; protective UPF treatments have been applied to the polyester fabric to ensure a high level of colour protection.

Umbrella warranty:

Billy Fresh accepts no responsibility for the environment and positioning to which the umbrella is subject. It is highly recommended that a suitable base with sufficient weight or ground installation be used to support the umbrella up-right, Billy Fresh shall not be liable for any damage to the umbrella, surrounding structures and or subsequent injury that may result from the umbrella tipping over or becoming airborne. Should light to moderate winds be expected, it is recommended that the umbrella be removed from the base, tied and stored.

Although the umbrella has been designed in such a way to promote ease of use when opening and closing, unfortunately pinching of the fabric may still be possible especially if stored for long periods of time. Pinching of fabric will not be covered under this warranty. In order to avoid this it is advised that the umbrella be stored in an upright position in the original box if possible. The polyester canopy may also be removed from the pole and stored separately; this also applies to transportation of the umbrella.

Discolouration or damage caused by machine wash of the polyester canopy will void this warranty offered, due to washing enzymes damaging protective treatments that have been applied to the polyester canopy.