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Arriving mid May
Export Bar Chair x4Export Bar Chair x4
Out of Stock
Zurich Bar Chair x4Zurich Bar Chair x4
Save $40
Paris Tolix Chair Mint x4Paris Tolix Chair Mint x4
Crossback Elm Chair x2Crossback Elm Chair x2
Save $40
Paris Tolix Chair Red x4Paris Tolix Chair Red x4
Save $50
California Chair White x2
Arriving June
Paris Tolix Chair Pink x4Paris Tolix Chair Pink x4
Paris Tolix Chair White x4Paris Tolix Chair White x4
Save $103
Sierra Chair Black x2Sierra Chair Black x2
Arriving early May
Tolix chair Black x4Tolix chair Black x4
Save $90
Oslo Chair x4Oslo Chair x4
Arriving early May
Bentwood Chair Black x2Bentwood Chair Black x2
Fantail Chair White x4Fantail Chair White x4
Arriving June
Paris Tolix Chair Yellow x4Paris Tolix Chair Yellow x4
Java Chair White x4Java Chair White x4
California Chair Yellow x2
Save $63
Toorak Chair White x2Toorak Chair White x2
Save $100
Tolix Chair White x4Tolix Chair White x4
Arriving early May
Tolix Chair Black Gloss x4Tolix Chair Black Gloss x4
Save $69
Kilda Chair Black x2Kilda Chair Black x2
Concise Chair Black x4Concise Chair Black x4
Save $163
Carlton Chair Light Grey x4Carlton Chair Light Grey x4
Save $103
Sierra Chair White x2Sierra Chair White x2
Java Chair Black x4Java Chair Black x4

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