Billy Fresh are such a fan of funky, vintage and stylish shots, especially those that showcase absolutely beautiful umbrellas! Our Instagram is filled with heaps of funky photos, but today we thought we’d share our Top 5 all-time favourite vintage shots so far:

Marilyn Monroe

This photo says it all, the red and white striped umbrella, the provocative pose, her lovely face and lips. Marilyn can be our Billy Fresh pin-up girl any day…


Slim Aarons- Pool Side

Slim Aarons has a countless number of simply amazing poolside shots. This particular photo just makes us want to travel back in time and sit by the pool under an outdoor umbrella, with a few martinis and in the light of some sunny weather. Love it!

A Beatles Classic

The Beatles were the ultimate band at the time, girls loved them and their songs made us happy and sad and simply emotional. It is no wonder a shot of them, with some of these amazing striped umbrellas made our Top 5!

Vogue it Up

A simple shot, but it made our Top 5 simply because this photo is oozing with style. The model, the umbrella and French beret... this shot is definitely a fashion statement. A lucky find from a 1950’s Vogue magazine.

Pablo Picasso’s Young Love

Finishing off our Top 5 with a love scene, this is a shot of Pablo Picasso and his young sweet heart at the time. What a gentleman protecting her under the shade of a gorgeous vintage beach umbrella. Definitely a photo to remember.