The Billy Fresh outdoor umbrella is a piece that will brighten up any backyard. It is so versatile, and can be placed in many areas around your outdoor setting and landscape. Today we write about the many places you can put your stripy outdoor umbrella.


As a table piece:

When added to your table, the umbrella can shade you as your sitting and reading a book, or be a place to sit under when entertaining friends. Choose the 3m Billy Fresh Umbrella for a larger table or a 2m Billy Fresh Umbrella for smaller outdoor settings.


In your garden feature:

Spruce up your garden with an umbrella so you can sit and admire your outdoor oasis. Match the colours of the stripes on the umbrella with the flowers and shrubs in your garden to really turn your garden into a glorious feature of your home.


By the Pool:


Think of those summer days by the pool, and imagine sitting on an outdoor lounge chair, under the shade of an outdoor umbrella, with some cocktails and a few of your greatest friends. The Billy Fresh Outdoor Umbrella is the perfect addition to your poolside, a way to simply relax and enjoy summer in the best way possible.


On the deck or balcony:


Ever venture outside in the morning to your balcony only to find the sun in your eyes as you drink your morning cup of coffee? A Billy Fresh Umbrella along with some comfortable seats can turn your balcony into one where you can simply sit down and relax at any time of the day. 


On the Patio:

Take entertaining your friends to the next level with a Billy Fresh addition to your outdoor patio. When the sun is blazing you can take shelter under the stripes of your outdoor umbrella, impress your guests, and give your patio ultimate style and character.